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Weave は、そんな美しい日本の食文化を楽しむライフスタイルを共通の趣味とするクリエイターのコミュニティであり、私たちの暮らしを集めたメディアブランドです。



weave 編集長

“Weaving together Japanese lifestyle with seasonal food.”

The islands of Japan are blessed with an abundance of plants and animals from the land and sea. Over centuries, unique food cultures have taken root and thrived across the archipeligo.

The four distinct seasons of Japan’s climate have led to a great diversity of ingredients and flavors used according to the season. Winter brings the fresh firmness of delicious seafood in. Bitter ascents awaken the taste buds in spring. The rainy season, which takes it’s name from the cultivation of plums, gives way to the long, hot days of summer. In this season, the sun ripens many fruits which are enjoyed through the cool, autumn days. The Japanese have perfected the art of making the most each season’s gifts. 

weave is  a lifestyle community of creative people brought together by their passion for enjoying good food culture. As a media brand it aims to showcase daily life in it’s many forms. Hokuriku, facing west along the sea of Japan, has long enjoyed a more intimate relationship with the culture of mainland Asia. As a result of these historical ties, the area is considered one of Japan’s leading centres of traditional culture. For this reason, a more traditional food culture still enriches the lives of those living along it’s rugged shores.

We are based in Komatsu, Ishikawa in the heart of Hokuriku. Every day we work in the fast paced world of modern technology, but in our free time we are able to indulge our senses in pursuit of traditional food from the land and sea. We enjoy the 1000 year old history of Japanese food culture in the comfort of the modern world and in this way, will weave it into the future.

weave chief director